About Us

Our objective is to promote a grassroots movement with the ultimate goal of codifying as the law of the land the concept that corporations and similar organizations are not people, do not have the same rights as people and cannot use their superior financial resources to overwhelm the ability of individual citizens to influence their government to act in the best interests of its citizens.

We believe that legislative bodies at the local, state and national levels should be free to enact reasonable restrictions on contributions for electioneering purposes.

One Comment on “About Us”

  1. Mike Regan says:

    Anyone from there is welcome here:
    Though I see you’re already up to speed on the issues, it would be great to have you come to our illustrious penninsula, and to do a little solidarity/networking in person.
    We at Occupy Port Townsend are hosting an event on Friday, March 30th, here in the Chimacum High School Auditorium.
    Corporate Personhood? Money being speech? The future for a fair economy? Questions will be taken Answers will be discussed.
    It will begin at 7PM, with the doors opening at 6:30.
    All human persons are welcome.
    Featured Speakers are Fran Korten of Yes! magazine, and Seve Reisler of Seattle Lawyers’ Guild.
    Donations would be OK, but no charge to come on in!

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